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Geo Examiner Ultimate Package
3 integrated systems for the price of one

GEOPHYSICAL -for the detection, and graphical separation of metal targets from voids and other geological features. Uses ground transmitting and receiving probes for data collection.
The geophysical system is offered either in 4 probe or 22 probe operation.
The GEO EXAMINER analyses digital the signal from pairs of transmitting and receiving probes continuously.
Working with probes is like “X-raying”, the soil between the probes is scanned by the induced signal up to its last centimetre,
and all structures laying in it make their presence.
GEO EXAMINER probe signal is ELECTRICAL and it has a direct connection to the ground through the probes,
the ELECTRICAL signal travels through minerals and wet ground without loosing its penetration ability.
Ground radars and VLF systems use ELECTROMAGNETIC signal, the ELECTROMAGNETIC waves are transmitted aerial towards the ground,
minerals and wet ground often absorb them and the depth is reduced significantly.
The GEO EXAMINER ELECTRICAL signal encounters ground resistance and takes the path of least resistance to travel from transmitters to receivers.
Precious metals in the ground due to their conductivity create LOW electrical resistance and attract the EXAMINER signal.
At the opposite voids due to the air trapped inside them create HIGH electrical resistance.
Therefore voids, caves have a high Soil Data profile while metals indicate low.
Conventional instruments on the market use only one transmitter and receiver, but the EXAMINER is a league of its own!
Its twin transmitter / receiver will push the signal at even greater depths
than single ones, will also detect small changes in ground geology, the result is better accuracy, better depth,
more resolution from underground.
The EXAMINER is adjustable to all ground types, cancelling out errors from minerals and wet ground.
Also the signal has 8 gain levels for selecting the suitable on every area.

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